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The Quantum Centre is a University-wide collaboration of over 50 researchers developing quantum technologies with the potential to revolutionise computing, communication, sensing and imaging.

Our device hardware is built using III-V semiconductors and we have world-leading capabilities in crystal growth, nanometre scale device fabrication and device physics research. Wider activities include complementary theory and software development.

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Twistronics: building moiré superlattices from 2D materials

This animation is a follow up on our previous video on van der Waals heterostructures, 2D Materials Beyond Graphene.

When ultrathin two-dimensional materials are stacked together to build designer nanomaterials, they can be twisted relative to one another, such that the atoms in each layer line up differently. This twisting, which is not possible in most present-day thin film nanotechnology, can lead to enormous changes of the material properties. The great potential on offer has given rise to a new field of scientific research termed "twistronics", which seeks to discover new functionality by taking two-dimensional materials and adding a twist.

10 January 2023