What is quantum tech?

Quantum technology encompasses a broad range of new materials, devices and information technology protocols in physics and engineering. They promise unprecedented capabilities and performance by exploiting phenomena that cannot be explained by classical physics.

Whilst effects of quantum mechanics are already widely used in lots of existing devices and technology, research into quantum technologies endeavours to actively engineer and manipulate states of matter at the quantum level, harnessing features such as entanglement and superposition.

Quantum computing, cryptography and imaging are but a few of the rapidly advancing quantum technologies which have the potential to dramatically transform communication, security and society as a whole.

Research at the Sheffield Quantum Centre has a particular focus on solid-state materials which underpin many aspects of modern day life, including lasers which enable the internet and microprocessors in smartphones to name just two. We exploit these materials to achieve the next generation quantum functions outlined above.

Videos below explain concepts related to quantum technology research carried out at the Sheffield Quantum Centre and can be found on our YouTube channel - Quantum Light University of Sheffield.