Northern Quantum Meeting IX

Northern Quantum Meeting IX

The Northern Quantum Meeting IX (NQM9) will be the ninth instalment of a series of biannual meetings.

Attended by members of the universities in the north of England, and in particular of the N8 Research Partnership, the NQM9 will be hosted by the University of Sheffield.

The previous meeting was held in York. 

The aim of the Northern Quantum Meetings is to bring together researchers working on a range of topics within Quantum Information Science and Technologies (QIST), with an emphasis on providing PhD students and early career researchers a platform to network and showcase their work. 





09:30    Registration & arrival refreshments 

10:00    Welcome - Alistair Brash, University of Sheffield

10:10    Quantum photonic technologies: from lab to market - Charlotte Ovenden, Aegiq

10.40    Distributed quantum computing and quantum data centres - Kenny Campbell , University of Leeds

11:00    Multiparameter metrology - Yingkai Ouyang, University of Sheffield 

11:20   Coffee break

11:40    Directional light matter interactions at the single photon level - Nicholas Martin, University of Sheffield

12:00    Development of InGaAs/AlGaAsSb Geiger Mode Avalanche Photodiodes for 1550 nm wavelength - Jonathan Taylor-Mew, University of Sheffield

12:20    Spin chains' emergent behaviour from biologically-inspired qubit - Xavier Laurent, University of York

12:40    SU(2) pure gauge lattice theory on two quantum hardware - Emanuele Mendicelli, University of York / Liverpool

13: 00    Lunch

14:00    Few-photon all-optical phase rotation using polariton microcavities - Paul Walker, University of Sheffield

14:20    Laser cooling CaF molecules for quantum simulation - Bethan Humphreys, University of Durham

14:40    Classifying Causal Structures: Ascertaining when Classical Correlations are Constrained by Inequalities - Shashaank Khanna, University of York

15:00    Quantum theories with alternative measurement postulates - Vincenzo Fiorentino, University of York

15:20    Quantum heat statistics with the reaction coordinate mapping - Mike Shubrook, University of Bristol / Manchester 

15:40    Coffee break

16:00    Developing a room temperature condensed matter atomic clock - Matthew Green, Lancaster University

16:20    Quantum random number generators - Hamid Tebyanian, University of York

16:40    Jodan's Lemma based rates in Device Independent  Randomness Expansion and Quantum Key Distribution - Rutvij Bhavsar, University of York

17:00    Counting topological phases in finite chiral structures - Maxine McCarthy, University of Sheffield

17:20    Quantum work statistics at strong reservoir coupling - Ahsan Nazir, University of Manchester 

17:40    Close 

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