Quantum detectors

Our research at the Sheffield Quantum Centre on quantum detectors is focused on semiconductor single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs).


Building upon our design expertise on avalanche photodiodes for standard optical communication systems, we have expanded our capability to SPADs. We utilise both in-house programs (including a Simple Monte Carlo model available as open software) and commercial software for simulating relevant SPAD performance parameters such as detection efficiency and timing jitter.

In addition to simulations, we carry out experimental research on SPADs to demonstrate SPADs using both mature and alternative materials. Working with wafer growers for custom-designed wafers, we refine device fabrication steps and develop electronic circuits to aid SPAD research.

Lead researchers

Jo Shien Ng, Chee Hing Tan.

More about our group members

A SPAD with bondpads.

Probe station for temperature-dependent testing of SPADs without device packaging.

Test setup of SPADs.

Electric circuit development.